Obtaining Consent

Participation in this user research session is entirely voluntary.

You can choose not to consent to be recorded or answer any questions and you may withdraw at any stage.

With your consent:

  • We will consider your comments and feedback to help make HMRC systems better.
  • We will be taking notes during the session to help us record & analyse our findings.
  • We record the sessions and may capture you interacting with a prototype via your desktop/mobile device
  • During the meeting we will avoid recording anything considered by you to be of a sensitive nature including personal information.

In order to ensure your privacy your insight will be anonymised. This applies when your comments and feedback are included in reports compiled to share our findings within the project team.

We will only share video and audio in these reports/findings if you give consent for us to do so.

Your consent is for the following:

Please read the following statements