Consent – Internal Users

Participation in this research study is entirely voluntary. You can refuse to answer any questions or withdraw at any stage.

Information we want to collect

We need your comments and feedback to help make HMRC systems better.  To help us analyse and share our findings, we take notes in all sessions.

If you give consent, we will record your screen and audio of you during discussions. We may also take video recordings of you and photos of your work environment but not of anything sensitive, again this is only if you give your consent.  This data will be used by the project team for analysis.

How we ensure your privacy

When we use your comments and feedback in reports to share our findings within HMRC and the wider government your data will be anonymous. We will only share video and audio in these findings if you give consent for us to do so.

Data type Collect Share
Audio recording Yes/No Yes/No
Screen recording (not using Webcam) Yes/No Yes/No
Video recording of you Yes/No Yes/No
Video recording or photographs of work environment Yes/No Yes/No

Your agreement

For the purpose of this research project we require consent for these actions.