Please read the following:

Thank you for taking part in HM Land Registry user research. The insight from this research will be used to improve the experience offered by the ‘Portal Refresh’ team.

We will store your information securely and your name will not be used in any research.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without penalty and you don’t need to give a reason. If you choose to withdraw after the session has ended, your personal data will not form part of our research.

Please confirm the following:

I am happy for recordings of today’s session to include:

  • my face (if you choose to keep your camera on)
  • my voice and
  • the computer screen that I use

I am happy for these recordings to be shared:

  • within HM Land Registry Portal Refresh team to assist in the development of this service.
  • and potentially to aid in the training of user researchers within HM Land Registry.

I understand that:

  • the video recording will not be shared outside the HM Land Registry Portal Refresh team.
  • my identity will be known by the user researchers hosting the session, but if the recording of my interview is shared it will be done so whilst maintaining my anonymity*
  • any data collected today will be stored securely for up to 2 years in HM Land Registry’s research library. After which, it will be permanently deleted.



To withdraw your consent please contact or