Contact me if…

Contact me if you an agency, end client, product owner or founder looking for some freelance UX support.

or if you:

  • are looking for additional support to deliver digital transformation through the development of user need focused products and services in an agile environment and need to harness the voice of the user
  • are looking to deliver more user insight at all points of the digital development cycle: Discovery, Alpha, Private & Public Beta then Live
  • are looking to identify and remove friction from your user experience
  • are looking to build an agile culture underpinned by qualitative user research

The IMUX core services include:

  • User Research including accessibility and assisted digital – strategic and tactical delivery of need
  • Usability
  • Training
  • Participant recruitment

For more information about Jon Parker please check out his LinkedIn profile 

To discuss your UX requirements you can complete the enquiry form below or give Jon Parker a call on 07710 359420