Defra – Export Trade Platform

The HM Land Registry’s Portal Refresh team are developing a solution which has some broad similarities to the Export Trade Platform which was developed to support the UK’s exporters of animals and animal products.

The range of businesses is similarly wide, with support extended from thoroughbred horses for competitions in United Arab Emirates, pig meat to China and day old chicks to Iran.

The similarities include: it’s a business to business service, users access it often sometimes with very short timescales, a legal obligation, and above all comprises of a number of services within the solution.

The Portal Refresh solution potentially comprises of multiple services which need to be reviewed and improved. The service the Land Registry team has just launched is known as ‘View My Applications’ which in a sense is a dashboard. The next service the team will be launching is ‘View My Colleagues Applications’ which is an extension of the dashboard.

The team has  a number of questions, however they recognise they have limited time, so they decided to focus on the following:


  • How did you determine the top three or four priorities or objectives to focus on when building the service?
  • What were the key performance indicators or metrics that you used in determining the success of the platform?
  • How did you reach the decision of what features to include in the MVP for private beta?


  • Where did the user research demographic data (exporters) come from, how did you determine where to direct your attention e.g. which industries sectors with a priority?

Service design

  • How would you describe the programme’s relationship with GDS?
  • Would it be possible to see either the service itself or screengrabs of the service to understand how it all fits together? (The Land Registry team are happy to cover this offline, outside the call).

Lessons learned

  • Looking back on your experience of delivering the Export Trade platform what would you say the lessons learned were. What would you do differently if you were starting over again?


If there was one piece of advice you would offer a business to business service Product Manager, based on your experiences of producing an Export Trade platform, what might that advice be?