Digital Library Discovery

What are the needs?


They include:

  • When I join a project, I need to know who has the same user groups, which projects/services overlap with mine, how my project fits into other services
  • I need to store my files in a way that works best for my project and my research
  • I need to know how I should store sensitive content so I’m confident that I meet GDPR standards
  • I need more time so I can do everything that is expected of me in my job
  • I need to know the context of other research so I can understand it
  • I need to find relevant research that has already been conducted, so I don’t waste time and money having to re-do it, and so I know what to focus on in my own research
  • I need to feel part of a community
  • I need to be able to find and get time from researchers who work on other relevant projects
  • I need to know what information stakeholders need from me and how they want it, so I don’t waste time producing reports that aren’t useful