Early Indications

Do my early indications resonate with you?


Based on my experience:

  • Locating insight is tricky
  • When I do find something I am not too sure if it’s 100% relevant
  • Projects are organised by business area/programme, with relationships drawn between users/user needs
  • Programme Lead URs rely on personal contact, word of mouth, and longer-standing URs’ memories to discover insights often managed in a hand over document

Based on experience

  • Introducing a searchable repository of user research insights, organised by a relevant taxonomy distinct from business areas/programmes, that is quick and simple to add UR content to

May result in:

  • Insights becoming discoverable, rather than just findable: URs are able to discover useful insights from services that they wouldn’t otherwise have considered

We’ll know this is true if: 

  • URs report that they are finding useful insights more easily