Obtaining your consent

Thank you for agreeing to take part in our digital service user research. Your participation is entirely voluntary. You can withdraw your consent and stop this interview at any time.

Personal information

We will hold your information in the strictest confidence. If you provide any personal or sensitive information during your session, we ensure to maintain your feedback in confidence. 

Please read these statements and record your response.


  • I understand staff members of the EU Exports team may watch my session. I grant my permission for this to happen.

Session recording and sharing 

  • I understand DEFRA will be making audio and video recordings of this interview.
  • I understand DEFRA may share the recording within the EU Exports team.
  • Therefore, I grant DEFRA permission to make and use the recording of my session.

 Storing recordings

  • I understand that DEFRA may elect to add the recordings and transcripts of my session to their secure EU Exports research library.
  • I grant DEFRA permission to keep and use the recordings and transcripts of my session.

Data protection

  • For your information, DEFRA abides by the data protection principles outlined in the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Research objectives