CTG/CR UK Ltd Discussion Guide

Overall objectives

  • Some of the specific issues the CTG Gift Aid Issues working group have highlighted, what impact they have and how they are addressed by HMRC
  • How we might be able to engage with the CTG for research purposes in order to adopt a closer understanding of the challenges associated with Gift Aid – portal users who are 100% reliant on the gov.uk service
  • Your perspective of the issues or circumstances which lead to some elements of Gift Aid being unclaimed.

Focus for our programme

  • Platform resilience
  • On going security enhancements
  • Significant investment of time & effort


  • Addressing any of the usability issues which may limit the use of the service or discourage users from claiming gift aid

What’s not in focus

  • The Future of Gift Aid is not within our remit, but we do have sight of their programme

Questioning the numbers


£540+ M

Service data. Loads of it but it’s fragmented and raw.


Service Design Objectives (user focused):

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Lowering the cost per submission/transaction
  • Completion and usability
  • Digital take-up