Consent to research


User Research Participant Consent Form

You have been invited by Defra’s EU Exports team to carry out research to understand the work practices around the completion of EHCs electronically.

Your participation is voluntary

Please be aware that taking part in the research is voluntary. You can withdraw your consent and stop the interview at any time. If you provide any personal information during your session, we will hold that information in the strictest confidence and we won’t pass your personal information on to anyone else.

Just so you know….

Please be aware in this pre-election period we are obligated to avoid any discussion related to the election or policy changes/decisions


Please read these statements and sign at the bottom. If you have any questions, please ask.

  • Observation

I understand that staff of the Defra User Researcher Team, and other government departments and agencies may watch my session. I grant those staff permission to watch my session.

  • Recording and sharing

I understand that Defra may make audio and video recordings, or take photographs of my session. I understand that Defra may share the recordings and photographs with government departments and agencies, and other government stakeholders, to show how people think about, and use government services. I grant Defra permission to make and use recordings and photographs of my session.

  • Storage of research data

I understand that the Defra may add the recordings, photographs and transcripts of my session to their research library. The library contains all the research data that Defra has collected over the years. I grant Defra permission to keep and use the recordings, photographs and transcripts of my session.

  • Confidentiality

 I understand that the ideas, designs and services I see in my research session are confidential. I will not tell anyone else about the ideas, designs or services until they are made public. I will not take away copies of any materials I use in the session.

Defra abides by the data protection principles outlined in the Data Protection Act of 1998.

  • Your consent