Homepage set up

Setting up your new Portal Homepage


Thanks for agreeing to take part in a short exercise to set up your HMLR Portal Homepage for the first time. Don’t worry, it’s just a test, you won’t actually be switching to a new homepage just yet.


This design of the Portal Homepage is the first iteration and will evolve over time. We will add new features and optimise the services which sit behind the Portal Homepage to ensure an improved experience.

When we release the new Portal Homepage, you will only need to complete this set up process once. Then when you have created your own Portal Homepage you will be able to change and customise it to suit how you work and the services you use.

When you have completed setting up your Portal Homepage, you will return to the Homepage set up page to answer some the questions by clicking on the ‘Proceed to Next Steps’ link in the top right of the Portal Homepage screen (Please see below).

Start here to set up your Portal Homepage


You may be asked for a username & password. They are:

Username: hmlr

Password: portalrefresh


Kind regards,

Jon Parker

Senior User Researcher

HM Land Registry