SDLT Prototype

Why do we prototype and ‘test’ (learn)?

Our prototype is an attempt to address the top issues we have uncovered from our in – service feedback, service usage data and the face to face interviews. The top issues include:

  • Unhelpful help text
  • Inaccessibility and unresponsiveness
  • Language and terminology
  • The ‘amendment process’
  • Lack of automation (address lookup)
  • And a host of general usability or experience issues e.g. too many questions or in a sequence that doesn’t work for a user

We prototype to learn. We would like to understand what’s going to help users complete a transaction more effectively e.g. improve accuracy, save time. Once we have a clear understanding, we investigate what is technically possible, and how to address the challenges within the limitations of the current infrastructure.

The prototype is not the final design. It’s a concept, work in progress.
Password: SOUP