Success factors





Measuring performance leads to identifying improvements

The data we collect helps us to understand if

  • the service is meeting user needs
  • the service allows users to easily complete the task it provides
  • there are enough people using the service to make it cost-efficient
  • people know about the service and are choosing to use it

What we measure

We collect performance data against 4 principle metrics:

  1. cost per transaction – how much it costs the government each time someone completes the task your service provides
  2. user satisfaction – what percentage of users are satisfied with their experience of using your service
  3. completion rate – what percentage of transactions users successfully complete
  4. digital take-up – what percentage of users choose your digital service to complete their task over non-digital channels

The more research we undertake to understand our users, the better performing the service which in turn produces a much better outcome for users