Summary of VCA UR

This is a summary of the UR undertaken to test a VCA prototype with a representative cross section of users.

  • The research was undertaken remotely via MS Teams with 16 organisations over a 10 week period and involving multiple iterations of an Heroku prototype.
  • All the sessions were recorded with consent.
  • Each session was a combination of background and context building (Discovery) and usability testing.
  • The prototype used in the research sessions to underpin the usability testing was chosen from 5 options. The current UR practitioners were not involved in the selection or research process which led choice of the prototype version for testing.
  • In the early stages of the research, admin users from account managed clients were interviewed to ascertain their insight.
  • In the later stages, users with supervisory or managerial roles were interviewed which resulted in different needs for their different roles.