Usability test A/B 19/09


This is a test of two versions of the same task. The task is adding a product(s) to an EHC.

To be clear this is not a test of your ability to complete a form or use a digital service. It’s a check that we are producing effective and usable EHCs.

I will be encouraging you to ‘think aloud’ and tell me what you’re thinking as you carry out the test. If you have a question for me and I don’t answer you it may be because I don’t want to coach you. Depending on the nature of your question, I may ask you to try and find the answer yourself. However, if you can’t complete the tasks (or don’t want to complete) at any stage just let me know.


This is a hypothetical scenario based on the premise of what might be required if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. In this scenario, exporters will be exporting to the EU partners and may be required to complete an EHC application. In that regard, this is not a scenario you will be familiar with, however you will be familiar with the process from your current EHC application experience.

Complete test (A) then try test (B)