User Experience (as a Service)

Effective conversion optimisation, digital service transformation or user centred design all start with understanding individual users (customers, employees., partners), what they are trying to achieve (needs & wants) and the online and offline journey they take to fulfil their needs.

Site analytics paint part of the picture and quantitative software can highlight potential issues but nothing can substitute the value listening to and watching actual users use digital assets and tell you about their frustrations and what would make them buy from you repeatedly!

Some Important Questions.

  1. Have you have mapped-out up to date user journey’s?
  2. Have you produced digital user personas to represent and amplify to voice of your customers?
  3. Have you interviewed users in a non-biased, face to face environment and recorded their insight?
  4. Have you aligned your designers, developers, product owners around clearly identified user objectives?
  5. Has you service owner appreciated the scale of the challenge or do they need some support?

Chances are without user journey’s, personas, qualitative research and user insight you are guessing. Without user insight you are not the user and and unless you are the user,  you’re unlikely to meet the need (and wants) of users, therefore irrespective of your objective, the results are unlikely to be as good as they might be.