Using the Research


How will your information be used?

The session will be recorded in the following ways:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Images of your screen
  • Images of you

We will also take notes to record your comments and actions

We’ll keep a record of any information you produce (such as post-it notes or sketches). These notes may be copied onto a database to help with analysis or for future research.

Any information will be stripped of any personally identifiable information (PII). That means nothing you share will be traceable back to you. None of the information you give me will be made public.

Who will see this?

The data from our research may be reused for further research beyond this project. What you agree to here on this form will help us know what we can do with your data in the future.

This means that we may publish research reports that include your comments and actions, but your name and identity will not be linked in our research reports to anything you say or do, unless we have specifically asked you for permission.

Access to recordings will be limited to the project team.

Clips that have your likeness will be obscured and may be shared outside the project team.