VMA Performance

The story so far with ‘View My Applications’

The new View My Applications (VMA) service on the HM Land Registry e-services portal makes it easier for customers to track the progress of applications and to better manage their work.

Previously, customers had to visit multiple locations within portal to manage their applications, correspondence and requisitions. VMA simplifies this by providing a single location for portal users to see details of all applications lodged through portal our most popular customer channel which handles around three quarters of all HM Land Registry (HMLR) applications every day.


VMA Launch 10th August
Performance measures in place 15th October
Page views since launch 2.4M
Organisations Usage 10,903
Unique users from 15th October 70K+
Daily users 7,000+
Weekly VMA visits 50K+
e-DRS users/VMA daily 75%
DRS users/VMA daily 93%
Applications/year 25M+

Value of VMA

Over a third of all HMLR business customers have used VMA since it was introduced (and over 70% of the service’s target audience – users lodging substantive applications). We have received high levels of positive feedback from customers who have described VMA as ‘a brilliant idea’ which ‘saves valuable time and reduces risk for conveyancers’. 70 thousand

users have accessed VMA since last October, and it attracts around 500 new users on a daily basis.

The new service has been widely referenced in the HMLR’s quarterly Ipsos-Mori ‘customer heartbeat’ survey with 78% of respondents rating VMA as ‘excellent’ in the Q4 2020.

Customer quotes include:

“In the current climate, I understand the pressures on the Land Registry, with staff working from home etc. and so the progress and est. completion date is wonderful.“

“Excellent new design and very easy to use all in one place.”

“I think this is one of the best applications on the portal. I can now view all of my applications in one go and see exactly where the application process is up to.”

““It makes providing updates just that bit quicker and enables better customer service. The fact that is includes the related documents is a godsend.”

“What a brilliant idea, nothing wrong about it whatsoever!”


Access VMA here: https://portal-refresh.herokuapp.com/Sprint_27/V3