Signing Your Consent to Research

Your Consent (as an individual)

By agreeing you acknowledge the information given and confirm that you have understood what you are being asked to do and are comfortable with taking part in the research.

Please complete the information in the boxes below and submit this form. Doing so will indicate you consent to undertaking user research.

  • I agree to participate in the study conducted by Jon Parker on behalf of HM Land Registry
  • I agree to my audio being recorded and used for note taking
  • I agree to being recorded on video (if appropriate)
  • I agree to pictures being taken of my screen (if appropriate)
  • I agree to my picture being taken (if appropriate)
  • I agree for my data to be used for the project team to learn more about the working practices of commercial real estate lawyers and support staff
  • I understand that participation in this research study is voluntary and I agree to immediately raise any concerns or areas of discomfort during the session with the researcher
  • All of this consent form complies with GDPR and the HMLR Privacy Policy